Entrepreneurial business research and planning which includes a mobile phone, tablet, notes, pen and professional binder in an outdoor setting.

Entrepreneurial business planning and research

This set of photos characterize the things an entrepreneur will use during the planning and research of a new business. The images are taken in an outdoor setting with varying types of foliage. The main focus is on a tablet […]

My first 3D project using the Prusa i3 Mk3 3D printer turns out great

After building the Prusa i3 Mk3 3D printer with the help of my daughter, I discovered that the most difficult part in 3D printing is making 3D models from scratch. Although I have made 3D models for use with CNC […]

Genius level kid learning about 3D printers by building it and following directions in STEM class

Young student building a 3D printer and handling electronics as part of STEM education

A series of photos depicting a young, mixed raced girl undertaking the immersive experience of learning how build and understand how 3D printers work. The printer itself is shown during the build process, with parts still not assembled. All branding […]

Stages of writing a business plan to meet business goals, printed document with pen and making edits on tablet or mobile device.

Writing and editing a business plan on a tablet or mobile device with printed documents

When you are in the process of writing a business plan, there are sure to be many edits during the various stages of production. These series of photographs deal with situations that you might encounter as you begin organizing and […]

Smiling boy 2 year old wearing plaid shirt outdoors on a sunny summer day looking healthy and happy

Smiling 2 year old boy wearing plaid shirt outdoors looking healthy and happy

This collection of photos is taken during a sunny summer day in California and features a cute 2 year old. The setting shows the outdoors in an open area with plenty of clear skies and green foliage. The young boy […]

Brochures for L.A. County Office Of Education

Project Overview: Develop a marketing strategy and identity to attract young professionals (within and outside the state) and spark their interest to teach in the Los Angeles County. To appeal to a multi-ethnic community, images representative of such diversity were […]

Logo design for Andres Valenzuela Photography

For this project, my client wanted to redesign and simplify his logo. He wanted something that was not traditional, nor that showed any photographic iconography of any kind. Whenever I have a client that has an idea of what he […]

Logo design process for MDHomeCall

In this write-up I will explain the logo design process I used with this client. My client commissioned me for a logo design for their Doctor’s house-call referral service. The first step was to find out the clients needs and […]

Website design for the Paseo Colorado Mall

Project Overview: Re-design the clients website to incorporate their new look and marketing direction. Their “look” was already established, so we just had to understand it and apply it consistently in our design process. I took cues from the collateral […]

Publication design for HelpCity.com

Project Overview: To create the company’s “flagship” product. A 244-page publication to compete with the yellow pages, while not becoming a yellow page itself. HelpCity’s strengths were in combining internet, print, and multiple languages; elements which played a role in […]

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