Entrepreneur Business Negotiation Vector Illustration

This illustration is of a little fish selling a big idea to a big fish in a small bowl. The nerdy little fish, which symbolizes a business person or entrepreneur is showing the big fish a chart with an upward trend. The […]

Extreme Business Man Going About His Business

The image below is of a salesman going to extremes to make a sale, no matter what obstacles he may encounter. The salesman “hunger” was inspired by a CEO that I use to worked with. He was the kind of […]

Personalized DVD Jacket Design With Deeper Meaning

I designed all the panels of the DVD jacket to be consistent with the unveilus colors. The DVD case includes a personalized front, back, and inside panels. Each panel has a different image while the spine displays the couple’s names and date. […]

Holistic Medicine Medical Icons

Here are my icons related to holistic medicine. I did some research and found out that there are plenty of silly graphics relating to the subject. The concepts aren’t bad, but the execution of the images are terrible. With these […]

Caduceus And The Rod Of Asclepius Medical Icons

I started making medical icons and found out that the two snakes on a staff with wings is erroneously used. (thanks Wikipedia) Apparently the correct symbol for medical related services should be a single snake and a staff; called the Rod […]

Aloe And Ginkgo Biloba Plants, Holistic Icons, Alternative Medicine

Here is an illustration I made for holistic medicine. It includes aloe leaves in a shallow porcelain bowl. I also included a ginkgo biloba plant icon with the “holistic” label underneath the icon. Check out my galleries at Shutterstock, Alamy, Fotolia, Crestock or Istockphoto if you are […]

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