A wheeled cart with delivery boxes or hauling cart icon

These vector icons are wheeled carts with delivery boxes. The cardboard boxes are sealed with brown tape and have recycle signs on the side. The boxes also have labels next to them for free shipping and free delivery. The delivery […]

Dual screen tablet PC or personal information manager icon

This is a vector icon of a dual screen tablet PC or personal information manager (PIM). The tablet includes a stylus and has a glossy black finish with a rounded bezel. On the left side of the screen there are […]

A super salesman and employee or a number one businessman icons

This icon is of a business person and has three different representations. The first one is of a business man holding up a brown briefcase with one arm. This can be used to represent a successful business person or a […]

Truck for local delivery, fast delivery, recycle and eco friendly icon

This series of icons feature a white delivery truck and is suitable for local deliveries or Eco friendly shipping. There is an icon for fast delivery with a red carpet arrow serving as the road for the white delivery truck. […]

Windmill power and solar energy, environmentally safe icons

This set contains two different types of wind turbines used in the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy. These devices are shown in front of white clouds to represent clean energy production. I made the artwork […]

Architectural Compass, Square Ruler And Custom Built Home Icon

I created another icon that uses the compass and metal square ruler. In this icon the compass and square ruler are used to frame a faint image of a house. This icon can be used to convey the concept of […]

Architectural Compass And Square Ruler Vector Icons

An architectural compass, metal square ruler and a blue mat board in the background. These graphic elements can be used to represent the initial stages of a design project, or a project that requires precise measurements. I left the icons […]

Approved And Rejected Blueprint Design Icons

Here is an icon that describes a design process. The drawings are laid out on a big sheet of paper, similar to a scroll, but in the style of a blueprint. The vector icons illustrate rejections, edits or changes needed […]

Approved Patent Documents Vector Icon

This icon illustrates an approval of a patent design for a functional item. The patent icon has an outline drawing of a handheld device such as a mobile phone or tablet. The submitted design has a stamp that reads “approved” […]

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