A toddler using a touchscreen tablet to learn the alphabet with an educational app.

A toddlers' finger on a touchscreen tablet learning the alphabet using educational software.

A toddlers’ finger on a touchscreen tablet learning the alphabet using educational software. This image was created by: Marlon Lopez MMG1design. Camera used is “Canon EOS 5D.” Lens used is “EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM.” Copyright Marlon Lopez MMG1design. All rights reserved.

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This photo can be purchased from my Alamy portfolio and can be downloaded as a JPG or TIFF file.

These photos consists of a toddler learning the alphabet by using a touchscreen tablet. There are various vertical and horizontal formats that illustrate the concept of education through technology. The screen on the tablet has a simulated application that shows the selection of the letter “C” from the alphabet.

In one image the child is selecting the letters and in another; one of the colors from the top menu of the app. The simulated application also displays a happy face on the screen to convey a sense of “fun” while learning. These photos can be purchased individually through my Alamy portfolio.

About Marlon Lopez

As a designer and photog, I enjoy exploring creative ideas and collaborating with artist, photographers and designers to make unique creatives. I have a strong background in all aspects of design. I have experience in print design, web site design, advertising, corporate identity, brochures, yellow page directories, direct mail, and interactive design. My design solutions emerge from a comprehensive design process, and a understanding of my clients needs.

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