My first 3D project using the Prusa i3 Mk3 3D printer turns out great

After building the Prusa i3 Mk3 3D printer with the help of my daughter, I discovered that the most difficult part in 3D printing is making 3D models from scratch. Although I have made 3D models for use with CNC […]

Genius level kid learning about 3D printers by building it and following directions in STEM class

Young student building a 3D printer and handling electronics as part of STEM education

A series of photos depicting a young, mixed raced girl undertaking the immersive experience of learning how build and understand how 3D printers work. The printer itself is shown during the build process, with parts still not assembled. All branding […]

Classic red arcade game joystick with animated stills in up, down, left and right movements

A video game controller or input device designed primarily for arcade cabinets. I made this vector design in the classic style of an 8-way, ball top joystick with a chrome metal shaft. All the elements in the EPS file can […]

Retro Arcade Sign With Light Bulbs

I bought one of those arcade signs from Hobby Lobby a long time ago but just finally got around to mod it. The arcade sign comes with fake printed-on light bulbs and it’s made of tin. I wanted to add […]

Second Monitor Game Info Using Hyperspin, EDS and Slideshowpro

I had been looking for a way to display game information on my second monitor, when running Hyperspin. But the current apps don’t display flash based content, so I finally decided to put an app together using flash and slideshowpro. […]

Boot Animation: Arcade Classics Widescreen

This is a custom boot animation for windows. It features a red ball top arcade joystick with text that reads “Arcade Classics”. The joystick is animated to move in a downward direction and there is a glint on the text. […]

My Custom “Featured” Game Art For Use With Hyperspin’s Special Art Feature

I needed to highlight specific arcade games that I enjoy, in Hyperspin. So I started using the Special Art feature that displays the joystick, Free Play and Genre info. I already have the joystick controls feature running on a second […]

Shapeoko 2 Build Is Under Construction

This is my Shapeoko 2 CNC Mill that I’m putting together. I’ve worked with laser cutters in the past and I’m hoping that knowledge base; helps me with this project. However, I’ve never built a CNC machine or worked with […]

USB optical rotary joystick using zippy joystick and mouse

USB Optical Rotary Joystick Made From A Zippy Joystick And A USB Mouse

I made a contraption to play arcade games which use rotary joysticks such as Caliber .50. My arcade cabinet (pedestal design) already has too many joysticks, so adding an authentic rotary joystick was not an option. I usually play games […]

Final Star Force Hyperspin Theme

I made a Hyperspin theme for the arcade game “Final Star Force”. It shows both fighters (the Blue-Nova and the Red-Nova) with shooting lasers and thrusters. The animation of the lasers and propulsion device were done in Flash and exported […]

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