Refinance and get cash out

This vector icon illustrates a new mortgage loan with different terms than the original loan. The icon also shows that you receive a lump sum of cash, when you close your refinance. There are four main graphical elements to this […]

Get the business equipment financing you need to be productive

When businesses get equipment financing, it is usually to make their business more productive and profitable. An equipment financing loan icon that illustrates the concept by using the classic “wrench” icon in combination with a tractor. I’ve used the tractor […]

How much loan money is needed for business growth

Borrowing money is one of the most common sources of funding for a small business. This EPS vector format file, illustrates two different quantities of money and a business man’s hand trying to reach for it. Most start-up businesses look […]

An Illustration Of A Medium Sized Company That Is Outsourcing Work.

A vector graphic that illustrates a medium sized company building which is outsourcing work. The image has the text “outsourcing” circled by a brush stroke to give it emphasis. The illustration also has arrows depicting business growth or a business […]

Business Plan folder, loan application document and stack of money

Business Plan Folder, Loan Application Document And Stack Of Money Vectors

This image consists of three vectors that include, a business plan folder, a loan application document and a stack of hundred dollar bills. All three are individually grouped and can be separated in a vector application. The image illustrates the […]

Legal Business Partnership Seal With Gold Ribbon, With Two Business Men Icons Standing Together.

Legal Business Partnership Seal With Two Business Men Vector

This vector design illustrates two business men side by side. The entrepreneurs are connected by a golden seal and a golden ribbon with the phrase “business partnership”. This seal can be used in situations where entrepreneurs are starting a business […]

LLC or S-Corporation Options for a Small Business Owner with a road leading to both forms of incorporation.

LLC or S-Corporation for a Small Business

This illustration shows a business man that is deciding between forming an LLC or an S-Corporation. The foreground shows a road that leads to the icon of a business man with a question mark over his head. The LLC and […]

Business incorporation kit with box, cd and approved documents.

Business incorporation kit including cd, approved document, and box

This arrangement of business related icons include; a CD/DVD, a box with business incorporation text, and a signed document with an approved stamp and silver seal. All of the three main icons are individually grouped and can be re-arranged using […]

A briefcase full of money, with stacks of hundred dollar bills

This illustration contains a business briefcase that’s filled with stacks of hundred dollar bills. The briefcase is illustrated in a opened position and has a gold lock. The hundred dollar bills are arranged in three columns and three rows. The […]

Private jet flying a route around the world

This vector image shows a private jet flying across the world. The private jet has twin jet engines at the rear and is white with blacked out windows. A red arrow shows the flight path the aircraft is headed towards. […]

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