Posters for L.A. County Office Of Education

Project Overview: To rethink the client’s identity and marketing strategy. The proposed ideas were implemented in a series of posters meant to recruit new teachers for the Los Angeles County of Education. A more active, urban, and youthful look was […]

Refinance and get cash out

This vector icon illustrates a new mortgage loan with different terms than the original loan. The icon also shows that you receive a lump sum of cash, when you close your refinance. There are four main graphical elements to this […]

Classic red arcade game joystick with animated stills in up, down, left and right movements

A video game controller or input device designed primarily for arcade cabinets. I made this vector design in the classic style of an 8-way, ball top joystick with a chrome metal shaft. All the elements in the EPS file can […]

X-ray showing osteoporosis in vertebral column

An illustration showing what happens to the spine when the small bones are weakened due to osteoporosis. This image includes both an x-ray and a closeup view of the bone structure with rarefaction of trabeculae. Notice the curves on the […]

Get the business equipment financing you need to be productive

When businesses get equipment financing, it is usually to make their business more productive and profitable. An equipment financing loan icon that illustrates the concept by using the classic “wrench” icon in combination with a tractor. I’ve used the tractor […]

How much loan money is needed for business growth

Borrowing money is one of the most common sources of funding for a small business. This EPS vector format file, illustrates two different quantities of money and a business man’s hand trying to reach for it. Most start-up businesses look […]

Retro Arcade Sign With Light Bulbs

I bought one of those arcade signs from Hobby Lobby a long time ago but just finally got around to mod it. The arcade sign comes with fake printed-on light bulbs and it’s made of tin. I wanted to add […]

Second Monitor Game Info Using Hyperspin, EDS and Slideshowpro

I had been looking for a way to display game information on my second monitor, when running Hyperspin. But the current apps don’t display flash based content, so I finally decided to put an app together using flash and slideshowpro. […]

Boot Animation: Arcade Classics Widescreen

This is a custom boot animation for windows. It features a red ball top arcade joystick with text that reads “Arcade Classics”. The joystick is animated to move in a downward direction and there is a glint on the text. […]

An Illustration Of A Medium Sized Company That Is Outsourcing Work.

A vector graphic that illustrates a medium sized company building which is outsourcing work. The image has the text “outsourcing” circled by a brush stroke to give it emphasis. The illustration also has arrows depicting business growth or a business […]

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