Legal Business Partnership Seal With Gold Ribbon, With Two Business Men Icons Standing Together.

Legal Business Partnership Seal With Two Business Men Vector

This vector design illustrates two business men side by side. The entrepreneurs are connected by a golden seal and a golden ribbon with the phrase “business partnership”. This seal can be used in situations where entrepreneurs are starting a business […]

LLC or S-Corporation Options for a Small Business Owner with a road leading to both forms of incorporation.

LLC or S-Corporation for a Small Business

This illustration shows a business man that is deciding between forming an LLC or an S-Corporation. The foreground shows a road that leads to the icon of a business man with a question mark over his head. The LLC and […]

Arcade Buttons In Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue Colors For Retro Games.

Arcade Button Vectors For Retro Games, Neo Geo Style.

This vector contains all four buttons (A,B,C,D) in the style of a Neo Geo arcade control panel. The file includes a red, yellow, green, and blue arcade push button. I’ve also included the button labels in black and white versions. […]

Little girl smiling and holding markers on white table

Hispanic Toddler Learning To Draw With Markers On A White Table

This photo features a hispanic little girl that is learning to color with markers. She is sitting down and has a set of colorful markers on a white table. She is also holding a pink marker on her hand. This […]

Instruction Cards for Mortal Kombat and Other Arcade Titles

  This set of  instruction cards features the moves for various Mortal Kombat games as well as other arcade titles (see list below). The instruction cards are for use with Hyperlaunch, which allows you to display these cards on the […]

Instruction Cards For Hyperlaunch With Moves List For Various Street Fighter Games

  Here is my first set of instruction cards with all the character moves for various street fighter games (see list below). The instruction cards are for use with hyperlaunch, which allows you to display these cards on the left […]

Arcade controls for Mame and Hyperlaunch

Arcade controls for Mame and Hyperlaunch instruction cards

I designed a top mounted box with eight buttons to control MAME and Hyperlaunch instruction cards. It also includes a master volume control knob that uses a separate USB interface to control the volume. I used a AfterGlow xbox 360 […]

Instruction cards of Street Fighter Alpha / Zero 2 for Hyperlaunch

I went back to the drawing board on this project. The new design for the instruction cards fit on the left side of the screen without covering half of the screen like the earlier version I made. I still like […]

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Moves List Instruction Cards For Hyperlaunch

I recently upgraded my install of Hyperlaunch and they have added the option to display “instruction cards” to any game you are playing and it’s freaking awesome! I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while now and I’m using […]

A toddlers' finger on a touchscreen tablet learning the alphabet using educational software.

A toddler using a touchscreen tablet to learn the alphabet with an educational app.

These photos consists of a toddler learning the alphabet by using a touchscreen tablet. There are various vertical and horizontal formats that illustrate the concept of education through technology. The screen on the tablet has a simulated application that shows […]

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