Business incorporation kit with box, cd and approved documents.

Business incorporation kit including cd, approved document, and box

This arrangement of business related icons include; a CD/DVD, a box with business incorporation text, and a signed document with an approved stamp and silver seal. All of the three main icons are individually grouped and can be re-arranged using […]

Hispanic girl looking happy and playing with colorful building blocks

Hispanic girl looking happy and playing with colorful building blocks

The theme for this photoshoot is that of a cute Hispanic little girl playing with colorful building blocks. I used a shallow depth of field to focus your attention to her bright smile and enthusiasm. The building blocks and activity […]

A briefcase full of money, with stacks of hundred dollar bills

This illustration contains a business briefcase that’s filled with stacks of hundred dollar bills. The briefcase is illustrated in a opened position and has a gold lock. The hundred dollar bills are arranged in three columns and three rows. The […]

Wooden building blocks and non toxic baby toys

I made a few illustrations of wooden building blocks which can represent non toxic baby toys. This vector includes a single wooden building block, three blocks creating a pyramid shape, and a few blocks creating a building structure. The individual […]

Private jet flying a route around the world

This vector image shows a private jet flying across the world. The private jet has twin jet engines at the rear and is white with blacked out windows. A red arrow shows the flight path the aircraft is headed towards. […]

Trademark protection icon with a padlock and metal link chain

Trademark protection icon with a padlock and metal link chain

This vector graphic is a seal for trademark protection using the “TM” (trademark protection), a secure padlock and a padlock and metal link chained. The “TM” designation can be used to claim rights of a mark even if the mark […]

A wheeled cart with delivery boxes or hauling cart icon

These vector icons are wheeled carts with delivery boxes. The cardboard boxes are sealed with brown tape and have recycle signs on the side. The boxes also have labels next to them for free shipping and free delivery. The delivery […]

Dual screen tablet PC or personal information manager icon

This is a vector icon of a dual screen tablet PC or personal information manager (PIM). The tablet includes a stylus and has a glossy black finish with a rounded bezel. On the left side of the screen there are […]

A super salesman and employee or a number one businessman icons

This icon is of a business person and has three different representations. The first one is of a business man holding up a brown briefcase with one arm. This can be used to represent a successful business person or a […]

Truck for local delivery, fast delivery, recycle and eco friendly icon

This series of icons feature a white delivery truck and is suitable for local deliveries or Eco friendly shipping. There is an icon for fast delivery with a red carpet arrow serving as the road for the white delivery truck. […]

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