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Project Overview:

To create the company’s “flagship” product. A 244-page publication to compete with the yellow pages, while not becoming a yellow page itself. HelpCity’s strengths were in combining internet, print, and multiple languages; elements which played a role in the overall design strategy. To establish mind share in the market, I focused the attention on the HelpCity logo, the company’s strength’s, and consistency of the brand.

Bold statements were used in an effort to gain credibility and give the company its aggressive and proactive image. The latest version of the Local Internet Guide (LIG), incorporated the HelpCity Extra card which gave advertisers and consumers more reasons to use it. Among the challenges was to develop a system for the production of the LIG. This involved the creation and integration of databases, intranet, pagination software and internal workflow.

Sketching Out Mockups:

Early sketches that gave clients a fair idea of whether or not we were headed in the right direction.

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As a designer and photog, I enjoy exploring creative ideas and collaborating with artist, photographers and designers to make unique creatives. I have a strong background in all aspects of design. I have experience in print design, web site design, advertising, corporate identity, brochures, yellow page directories, direct mail, and interactive design. My design solutions emerge from a comprehensive design process, and a understanding of my clients needs.

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