Entrepreneurial business research and planning which includes a mobile phone, tablet, notes, pen and professional binder in an outdoor setting.

Entrepreneurial business planning and research

This set of photos characterize the things an entrepreneur will use during the planning and research of a new business. The images are taken in an outdoor setting with varying types of foliage. The main focus is on a tablet […]

Business incorporation kit with box, cd and approved documents.

Business incorporation kit including cd, approved document, and box

This arrangement of business related icons include; a CD/DVD, a box with business incorporation text, and a signed document with an approved stamp and silver seal. All of the three main icons are individually grouped and can be re-arranged using […]

Entrepreneur Business Negotiation Vector Illustration

This illustration is of a little fish selling a big idea to a big fish in a small bowl. The nerdy little fish, which symbolizes a business person or entrepreneur is showing the big fish a chart with an upward trend. The […]

Extreme Business Man Going About His Business

The image below is of a salesman going to extremes to make a sale, no matter what obstacles he may encounter. The salesman “hunger” was inspired by a CEO that I use to worked with. He was the kind of […]

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