Second Monitor Game Info Using Hyperspin, EDS and Slideshowpro

I had been looking for a way to display game information on my second monitor, when running Hyperspin. But the current apps don’t display flash based content, so I finally decided to put an app together using flash and slideshowpro. […]

My Custom “Featured” Game Art For Use With Hyperspin’s Special Art Feature

I needed to highlight specific arcade games that I enjoy, in Hyperspin. So I started using the Special Art feature that displays the joystick, Free Play and Genre info. I already have the joystick controls feature running on a second […]

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Moves List Instruction Cards For Hyperlaunch

I recently upgraded my install of Hyperlaunch and they have added the option to display “instruction cards” to any game you are playing and it’s freaking awesome! I’ve been waiting for this feature for a while now and I’m using […]

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