Little girl smiling and holding markers on white table

Hispanic Toddler Learning To Draw With Markers On A White Table

This photo features a hispanic little girl that is learning to color with markers. She is sitting down and has a set of colorful markers on a white table. She is also holding a pink marker on her hand. This […]

A toddlers' finger on a touchscreen tablet learning the alphabet using educational software.

A toddler using a touchscreen tablet to learn the alphabet with an educational app.

These photos consists of a toddler learning the alphabet by using a touchscreen tablet. There are various vertical and horizontal formats that illustrate the concept of education through technology. The screen on the tablet has a simulated application that shows […]

Hispanic girl looking happy and playing with colorful building blocks

Hispanic girl looking happy and playing with colorful building blocks

The theme for this photoshoot is that of a cute Hispanic little girl playing with colorful building blocks. I used a shallow depth of field to focus your attention to her bright smile and enthusiasm. The building blocks and activity […]

Wooden building blocks and non toxic baby toys

I made a few illustrations of wooden building blocks which can represent non toxic baby toys. This vector includes a single wooden building block, three blocks creating a pyramid shape, and a few blocks creating a building structure. The individual […]

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