1970s American old farm truck restomod with rusted hood

An old American farm truck from the 1970s, with modern performance wheels, and a rusted hood. This classic American truck includes modern rims to convey its retromod style. The truck is designed to appear within a garage opening and shows […]

Mazda rx3 vector illustration

Rotary restomod JDM legend in rear 3/4 view vector illustration

1970’s rotary 4 door sedan, restomoded with custom wheels and takeyari inspired exhaust. This JDM car includes custom low profile tires, racing tow hook and a ducktail spoiler. The wheels are individually grouped and can be easily adjusted in the […]

Datsun 240z vector illustration

JDM 1972 hatchback coupé restomod

JDM 1970’s classic coupé Z car with a modern touch that includes; old school eight spoke champagne gold wheels (silver is also included), fender flares and a stylized Z design graphic. This Japanese restomod vector illustration features; low profile tires, […]

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