1970s American old farm truck restomod with rusted hood

An old American farm truck from the 1970s, with modern performance wheels, and a rusted hood. This classic American truck includes modern rims to convey its retromod style. The truck is designed to appear within a garage opening and shows […]

A classic JDM offroad 4x4 vehicle with hardtop from the 1980s for restoration project.

JDM 80s classic SUV 4×4 cruiser for overlanding

JDM 1980’s classic 2 door 4×4 SUV in nebula green. This Japanese 4×4 cruiser vehicle includes factory wheels and stock suspension height. The wheels are individually grouped and can be easily adjusted in the EPS file; for a lifted look. […]

Datsun 510 vector illustration

JDM 1970’s classic car restored, custom alloy wheels and 80’s sunset

JDM 1970’s classic sedan affectionately known as, five and dime, restored with custom gold wheels and 80’s sunset. This Japanese vehicle includes custom low profile tires and a slight suspension drop. The wheels are individually grouped and can be easily […]

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