How much loan money is needed for business growth

Borrowing money is one of the most common sources of funding for a small business. This EPS vector format file, illustrates two different quantities of money and a business man’s hand trying to reach for it. Most start-up businesses look […]

An Illustration Of A Medium Sized Company That Is Outsourcing Work.

A vector graphic that illustrates a medium sized company building which is outsourcing work. The image has the text “outsourcing” circled by a brush stroke to give it emphasis. The illustration also has arrows depicting business growth or a business […]

Medical security box with medical history, ecg, and insurance documents, protected patient information.

Medical security box with medical documents vector illustration.

This vector illustration is of a medical security box with medical documents. The documents include a medical history icon, ECG printout, and insurance document. The metal box is used to illustrate the concept of protecting patient information while the ECG […]

Legal Business Partnership Seal With Gold Ribbon, With Two Business Men Icons Standing Together.

Legal Business Partnership Seal With Two Business Men Vector

This vector design illustrates two business men side by side. The entrepreneurs are connected by a golden seal and a golden ribbon with the phrase “business partnership”. This seal can be used in situations where entrepreneurs are starting a business […]

Architectural Compass And Square Ruler Vector Icons

An architectural compass, metal square ruler and a blue mat board in the background. These graphic elements can be used to represent the initial stages of a design project, or a project that requires precise measurements. I left the icons […]

Approved Patent Documents Vector Icon

This icon illustrates an approval of a patent design for a functional item. The patent icon has an outline drawing of a handheld device such as a mobile phone or tablet. The submitted design has a stamp that reads “approved” […]

Entrepreneur Business Negotiation Vector Illustration

This illustration is of a little fish selling a big idea to a big fish in a small bowl. The nerdy little fish, which symbolizes a business person or entrepreneur is showing the big fish a chart with an upward trend. The […]

Holistic Medicine Medical Icons

Here are my icons related to holistic medicine. I did some research and found out that there are plenty of silly graphics relating to the subject. The concepts aren’t bad, but the execution of the images are terrible. With these […]

Caduceus And The Rod Of Asclepius Medical Icons

I started making medical icons and found out that the two snakes on a staff with wings is erroneously used. (thanks Wikipedia) Apparently the correct symbol for medical related services should be a single snake and a staff; called the Rod […]

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