3d Print This Mount To Invert T3PA Pedals GT Style Mode

Thrustmaster T3PA 3 pedals in GT mode (inverted) and mounted to a Minneer cockpit 54 racing simulator seat. The pedals attach to the cockpit with my 3d printed mount.

A 3d printed piece that will allow you to mount the T3PA pedals in GT style / inverted mode on a Mineer cockpit 54 racing simulator cockpit. The printed piece is made with PETG filament, known for its strength. After trying the standard and GT mode of mounting the pedals, I prefer the GT style best. It feels more like the real thing and it makes it easier to get in and out of the cab. This way, keeps your feet resting on the floor and not on the T3PA pedal base. It just feels right.

The side view of the T3PA pedals mounted with my 3d printed parts on a Minneer cockpit 54 racing simulator cockpit.

I bought my cockpit on ebay and the seller doesn’t show photos of inverted pedals, but as you can see in my pohtos, it is possible. On the Mineer cockpit 54 model, I just flipped the pedal base around and used my 3d printed mount to secure the T3PA pedals to the metal pedal floor.

3d printed mount with T3PA pedals and racing simulator cockpit.
My 3d printed mount is bolted down with screws, washers and nuts to the Minneer cockpit 54 pedal base and allows the T3PA pedals to be inverted in GT style.

The part I designed is bolted on with M8 screws, washers and nuts. It holds the T3PA pedals tight from the top part of the cockpit’s metal plate. The T3PA pedals can be secured from the lower portion of the metal plate but its not secure and angles the T3PA pedals away from the metal plate. The 3d printed piece keeps the pedals parallel to the metal plate. In the photos above, I have my pedals mounted at the lowest possible setting. There is also a small amount of adjust-ability in height, but its not much.

I printed the mount in black PTEG filament because of its strength qualities. I recommend black matte PETG if you want the color to match the T3PA pedals plastic color.

As seen in the photo above, the 3d printed mount follows the contours of the T3PA pedals to firmly secure the pedals to the cockpit. The pedals are secured in four points to the metal cockpit plate. It is more than enough to keep the pedals in place without having to re-tighten them over time.

A closeup to show how the 3d printed part secures the T3PA pedals to the cockpit’s pedal base.
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3D Design Format: STL

3D Model Size: 103.33mm x 122.76mm x 42.8mm

Recommended Nozzle Size: .8mm

Supports Needed: Yes

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