3d printed cradle for 2 way radio walkie talkie model: Retevis RT19

Walkie talkie 2 way radio cradle for four pack set Retevis RT19

This cradle can hold four of the RT19 walkie talkies upright and securely. The base of the cradle matches the bottom shape of the 2 way radios; to hold it in-place. Please note that because of its unique shape at the base, the dock will not work for other walkie talkie models.

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Once the 2 way radios are in pushed into the 3d printed base, they are held tight and won’t rattle around in the dock. I used hot glue on the bottom of the cradle to secure it to a gaming drawer.

3d printing info:

3D design format: STL

Filament Material: PETG

Resolution: .2mm

Infill: 10%

Supports Needed: No

The 3D STL file can be downloaded for FREE from:

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