3d printed louver vent for cabinet ventilation 200 x 200 mm fan

This louvered vent can be used on the side of cabinets or cabinet doors and where space permits. Its great for when you are housing computers or electronic components inside of cabinets and need silent cooling. In the photo below, you can see that I also have a smaller vent which is no longer being used as it did not push enough air to prevent the gaming computer inside of the cabinet from overheating. The new larger fan is quieter and manages to keep the PC cool.

The louvered vent attaches to the cabinet with four screws from the outside, while the fan attaches from the inside of the cabinet. The photo above, shows the louvered vent attached to an Ikea Besta cabinet. A hole must be cut into the cabinet that is 200 mm x 200 mm in size. Depending on how you orient the fan, it can either blow air in or out of the cabinet.

More photos and dimensions of the 3d printed vent:

3D design format: STL

3D model size: X 210 × Y 210 × Z 19.5 mm

Supports Needed: Yes

The 3D STL file, can be purchased and downloaded from:

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