Brochures for L.A. County Office Of Education

Project Overview:

Develop a marketing strategy and identity to attract young professionals (within and outside the state) and spark their interest to teach in the Los Angeles County. To appeal to a multi-ethnic community, images representative of such diversity were photographed within the four main regions covered by the district. The regions included the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita Valley, the San Gabriel Valley and Foothills, the Southeast Communities of Greater Los Angeles, and Coastal Communities.

One of the selling points was the different lifestyles southern California has to offer. A collage of images showing all the fun California residents enjoy was created which included active people having fun in urban and natural scenes. The use of bright and bold colors was used to liven up the visual experience, which is part of a continuing effort in changing the old image people have towards teaching.

The final design featured a Z-fold, which allows two brochures to be placed side by side or “interlocked” and fitted into the clients marketing folder. The second version of the brochure featured a map-fold, for individual distribution of the brochures.

Sketching Out Mockups:

Early sketches that gave clients a fair idea of whether or not we were headed in the right direction.

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