Comfort Design Spinner Mount For Arcades, 3d Printed

3d printed spinner housing mounted to an arcade machine and shown in a two color pattern to match the color theme.

The ergonomic design of the 3d printed spinner housing can mount a TurboTwist 2 spinner onto your arcade cabinet. The spinner housing raises the knob off of the arcade deck and allows the user to grasp it in a comfortable manner. This version shows a two color base pattern that is achieved by a color change via the 3d printing slicer software of your choice.

3d printed housing in two colors for a TurboTwist 2 spinner with SpinTrak knob. The filament being used is a California filament sky blue PETG and Overture matte black PLA.

The knob on the spinner is a blue anodized SpinTrak aluminum knob, which fits the TurboTwist 2 spinner shaft. I used a sky blue colored PETG filament from California filament and a matte black PLA filament from Overture. The knob’s color and the housing colors don’t quite match each other. However, the sky blue is a near perfect match to my arcade cabinets T molding color.

Raising the spinner off of the arcade deck makes holding the spinner knob much more comfortable to hold.

The SpinTrak knob is the perfect size for a comfortable grip. I noticed that the smaller knobs require more effort to grip and this eventually leads to muscle fatigue. I also didn’t like the traditional way of mounting the spinner on the arcade deck. Long gaming sessions cued me wrist pain, because of the way the hand is positioned while holding the knob. I found that by elevating the spinner knob off from the deck, I could position my hand differently and in a more comfortable way.

A standard arcade button hole is needed to mount the spinner to the arcade machine.

Mounting the spinner to an arcade cabinet requires a standard arcade button hole while the 3d printed housing requires two holes. The spinner I’m using also has an additional weight attached to it, which makes it spin longer. The thin ribbon cable, connects the spinner to a USB port on your computer.

Four M4 nuts need to be heat-set into the inside of the housing.

It is necessary to heat-set four M4 nuts to the underside of the 3d printed spinner housing as shown above. Then four M4 x 12 mm screws secure the top plate and hides the spinners top side giving it a clean, uniform look. I used a .8 mm nozzle for both the housing and top plate. Printing the spinner housing will require supports.

The TurboTwist 2 spinner is mounted flush with the 3d printed spinner housing.

Depending on the filament and printer settings, you may need to finesse the entry points for the spinner onto the housing with the use of a Dremel grinding stone. The tighter the fit, the better because it means the whole unit will not become loose over time and require disassembly to re-tighten the spinner. The metal circle of the spinner should be flush with the 3d printed base so the the top plate sits flush on top of it (see photo above).

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3D Design Format: STL

3D Model Size: 111.12mm x 111.06mm x 57.3mm

Recommended Resolution: .4mm

Recommended Nozzle Size: .8mm

Supports Needed: Yes

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