Datsun 240Z Project Car Restoration Sign

Datsun 240z 3d printed artwork sign. The sign is magnetically held onto a mechanics tool chest.

A 3/4 front view of Datsun’s legendary 240z restomod style. The sign reads “Vintage Investment” and is ready to 3d print for your next restoration or project car. The 3d printed sign is shown in three colors (blue, black and white), using PETG filament. This 240z artwork includes the optional stand for free, which can be 3d printed to mount your sign and display it on a desk or shelf. The photo above shows the signage secured with magnets, to the side of a rolling tool chest.

3d printed signage of a 240z restomod project car on a dry erase white board.

To magnetically mount the sign, simply hot glue two epoxy coated N42 neodymium disc magnets (or your magnet of choice), to the back of the 240z sign. This allows you to mount it to a dry erase white board and still be able to move it around without damaging the white board. Having the artwork on a white board, is a great way to keep track of to do’s for a specific project car and stay motivated.

Sign displaying a Datsun 240z restoration project on a shelf. The 3d printed artwork is mounted to a stand that is also included with the sign artwork.

The included stand file is free of charge and will allow you to display your project car on a desk or shelf. The signage can then be mounted with two M4 screws and nuts or simply hot glued to the stand. This is the easiest way to display the sign in an office or home environment since it doesn’t require hanging on a wall.

The dimensions of the 240z 3d printed artwork, which requires gluing and M4 screws for assembly.

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3D Design Format: STL

3D Model Size: 8.27 inches x 8.27 inches

Supports Needed: No

This 3D STL file can be purchased and downloaded from:

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