Definitive NA Miata MX5 Signage With Stand Decor

Miata MX5 owner zone sign with stand displayed on office desk. The sign resembles an actual street sign in design but is 3d printed for office decor.

Miata Mx5 signage for your office or home; inspired by the streets. This style of art lets everyone in the office know why you keep buying Yoko A052’s. The sign features a track ready first generation Miata MX5 that alerts bystanders on how serious you are about car culture. The 3d printed signage resembles an actual street sign and is mounted on a base for easy placement on a desk or shelf. The STL file can be downloaded and 3d printed with your choice of colors and filament type.

3d printed signage for home or office decor featuring a NA Mazda Miata MX5 roadster that reads “NA owner zone” and is displayed on a shelf.

The 3d printed stand supports the signage and allows it to stand upright and off of the surface of a desk or shelf. The design of the stand was inspired by real street posts, and in this application only shows enough of the post to achieve the desired look. Two holes have to be drilled onto the signage to attach the sign to the post with two M4 sized screws. I printed the stand in silk silver PLA filament, but I think, spray painting it with metallic paint would give it added realism.

The dimensions of the Miata owner signage and other information about its assembly. The assembled sign requires gluing, and M4 screws and nuts.

The artwork for the sign requires gluing and one color change during 3d printing. Most of the elements in the design are printed facing down on the print bed to get a clean even look on the surface of the design. I recommend you use a filament color that is opaque and bright white for better overall contrast. A cloudy white filament for example, will allow the blue colored background to show through. That effect will cause the white elements to look slightly blueish instead of bright white.

1st generation Miata Mx5 owner zone signage being displayed on a office desk with Miata keys, digital calipers and content creation software on desktop.

I hope you add this artwork to your collection. It is intended for anyone that loves everything Miata MX5. In the future, I will upload a design that mounts the signage to a wall and makes the overall presentation more dynamic. That design will be geared more for the home office since it will require it being secured to a wall.

The stand for my automotive signs, meant to display 3d printed signs on desks or shelves. It is easy to 3d print and does not require supports to print.
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3D Design Format: STL

3D Model Size Of Sign: 8.27 inches x 8.27 inches

Supports Needed: No

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