JDM convertible roadster design NA 1st generation

JDM 1994 2 door roadster in classic red, with custom wheels, convertible top down and rising sun reflection design. This Japanese roadster includes custom low profile tires, an aggresive suspension drop and a front air dam. The wheels are individually grouped and can be easily adjusted in the EPS file; for a stanced look.

The front bumper lip spoiler and side lights are on separate layers and can be easily removed for a different look. The image is isolated on a white background and contains gradients, layer transparency and no strokes.

easy to change the car's body color
The car’s body color can easily be changed, by selecting a single layer in the vector file.

  • One layer encompasses the vehicle’s body for easy color changes.
  • This color version includes gradients and layer transparencies for highlights and shadows.
  • A variety of layers are not combined and in groups for easier edits.
  • Easy to remove car parts: bumper lip spoiler, side markers, and blinkers for custom look.
  • Transparent windows with simplified interior cabin layers underneath.
  • PNG format with transparency included.
  • EPS10 file format; with gradients, layer transparency, without blends, and with expanded strokes for compatibility.



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