Logo design for Andres Valenzuela Photography

For this project, my client wanted to redesign and simplify his logo. He wanted something that was not traditional, nor that showed any photographic iconography of any kind. Whenever I have a client that has an idea of what he is looking for, it makes it harder to propose new ideas, but it can also expedite the creative process. I proposed two design concepts to the client. Both of the new logo designs focused on typographical treatments without the use of iconography.

It was nice to simply work with typography. It made me pay attention to the details in the typographical forms and find relationships between the shapes. I started to recognize certain attributes in the letter forms that where complimentary to each other. In my mind, they started to look like pieces from a puzzle. All I had to do was to find a way to make them connect and be an ensemble.

I decided to work only with the letters “A” and “V” and introduce the “photography” text as a secondary read. The goal was to convey balance, simplicity, unity and style. I wanted both of the letters to have reciprocal shapes; like a bilateral symmetry that shows an inseparable unity and purpose (not being able to have one without the other). I was inspired by the simplicity of the “ying and yang” symbol and was looking for shapes that could express that idea.

I believe these abstract principles would apply in defining my clients brand, since his business deals with wedding photography. The idea that a typographical mark could express wholeness, unity, balance and still serve as my clients initials was what made this design fun to work on.

Sketching Out Mockups:

Early sketches that gave clients a fair idea of whether or not we were headed in the right direction.

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