Miata Mx5 Silhouette Wall Decor Artwork For Home Or Office Easy 3d Printing

Mazda Miata MX5 first generation wall decor artwork. The design has the top down and has a stanced customization style with aftermarket wheels.

A Mazda Miata MX5 1st generation design that captures an aspect of this awesome roadster. This car design has a customized style which shows a roll-bar, stanced suspension and aftermarket wheels. As a silhouette design it makes it ideal for home or office decor. Celebrate the vehicle that single handedly brought back the roadster to the US. Show your love of the road and car culture, just put it up on the wall and see who salutes it.

The STL file provides artwork that is split into two pieces to allow for printing on small 3d print beds. A file with intact artwork is also included.

The downloadable STL file includes artwork of the Miata which is already split into two pieces to allow for printing in small 3d printer beds. The two separate pieces have to be glued together before mounting it on a wall. The wall mounting pegs also need to be glued to the back of the artwork using hot glue or your preferred adhesive. The pegs are angled so that it tilts the artwork downward towards the viewer at a better viewing angle. This effect also softens the shadow that the silhouette casts on the wall and as a result, it makes the artwork look like it’s floating.

Artwork can also be mounted flat using hot glue or rubber cement type adhesives.

The 3d printed miata artwork can also be mounted flat without the use of the included pegs. In the image above, I have glued it unto the glass of an Ikea cabinet. I used shoe goo to adhere it to the glass surface. When mounted flat, the artwork doesn’t cast a shadow and helps the details look more defined. As it turns out, I like how it counter balances a “womans touch” style home decor without going; full-on gear head aesthetic.

My Miata as it use to look decades ago under the Cali sky and with dorky mirrors.

Finally, I want to include a photo of my Miata because it’s what inspires me. She doesn’t look like this anymore, since I have further modified her. Let me know what you think in the comments. Cheers!

More photos of the stanced Miata silhouette wall decor:

3D design format: STL

3D model size (split file): 249.08mm x 204.22mm x 4mm

3D model size (intact file): 295.93mm x 133.39mm x 1.5mm

Resolution: .2mm

Supports Needed: Yes, only for pegs.

This 3D STL file can be purchased and downloaded from:

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