Business Plan Package Includes Printed Booklet And Digital Presentation

This photo shows a business plan package which includes a printed booklet and digital presentation on a tablet. It can be used to show a complete package of items. The photo clearly shows both digital and traditional printed mediums. The printed booklet has the title “Business Plan” on the cover and the digital tablet shows…

Shapeoko 2 Build Is Under Construction

This is my Shapeoko 2 CNC Mill that I’m putting together. I’ve worked with laser cutters in the past and I’m hoping that knowledge base; helps me with this project. However, I’ve never built a CNC machine or worked with one. I don’t even know anything about CNC, so building it is taking me a…

USB Optical Rotary Joystick Made From A Zippy Joystick And A USB Mouse

I made a contraption to play arcade games which use rotary joysticks such as Caliber .50. My arcade cabinet (pedestal design) already has too many joysticks, so adding an authentic rotary joystick was not an option. I usually play games that require a regular ball top (such as street fighter), therefore, I needed a joystick…

Final Star Force Hyperspin Theme

I made a Hyperspin theme for the arcade game “Final Star Force”. It shows both fighters (the Blue-Nova and the Red-Nova) with shooting lasers and thrusters. The animation of the lasers and propulsion device were done in Flash and exported as swf’s. I also added a moving star field using the hypertheme particle system. Enjoy….

White Arcade Button With Player One, Two, Three And Four Icon.

This vector design is a white push button used to select the player in arcade machines. The top of the push button has an icon of a little man to represent the player. The file includes buttons for up to four players and also includes the buttons in a pushed state. The “on” and “off”…

Business Plan On A Mobile Device And Printed Document

A series of four images that include a business plan and marketing proposal. The business documents are displayed on a tablet but there is also a printed document that is wire “O” bound. All of the images also include a pen in the composition to communicate that the document is being reviewed or worked on….

Medical security box with medical documents vector illustration.

This vector illustration is of a medical security box with medical documents. The documents include a medical history icon, ECG printout, and insurance document. The metal box is used to illustrate the concept of protecting patient information while the ECG and documents, display the type of information that is contained within the box. All of…

Business Plan Folder, Loan Application Document And Stack Of Money Vectors

This image consists of three vectors that include, a business plan folder, a loan application document and a stack of hundred dollar bills. All three are individually grouped and can be separated in a vector application. The image illustrates the financial part of a business plan. The combination of the three images conveys the process…

Legal Business Partnership Seal With Two Business Men Vector

This vector design illustrates two business men side by side. The entrepreneurs are connected by a golden seal and a golden ribbon with the phrase “business partnership”. This seal can be used in situations where entrepreneurs are starting a business partnership and need an icon to represent the legal entity.

LLC or S-Corporation for a Small Business

This illustration shows a business man that is deciding between forming an LLC or an S-Corporation. The foreground shows a road that leads to the icon of a business man with a question mark over his head. The LLC and S-Corporation entities are represented as two buildings made out of brick.

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