Posters for L.A. County Office Of Education

Project Overview:

To rethink the client’s identity and marketing strategy. The proposed ideas were implemented in a series of posters meant to recruit new teachers for the Los Angeles County of Education. A more active, urban, and youthful look was needed to make the idea of “teaching” more appealing to the younger target audience. A bold headline (Teach Now! …make a difference) was created to convey the feeling of gratification associated with teaching.

The first poster was designed to capture the imagination of candidates who want to make a difference through teaching. The second poster was directed towards young professionals who had gained experience in their careers but had not yet considered teaching as an option. The style of the poster was derived through a balance of warmth vs. boldness, graffitty vs. traditional text, maturity vs. youth, and diversity as a unifying theme.

Sketching Out Mockups:

Early sketches that gave clients a fair idea of whether or not we were headed in the right direction.

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