Speeding Acura NSX Automotive Wall Art, 3d Print To Decorate Your Living Space

Acura NSX artwork 3d printed in black and white filament, displayed on a shelf, a sports car enthusiasts home decor.

Speeding Acura NSX automotive wall art to decorate your living space. The design is framed and contains a bold NSX text at the top. Surrounding the car’s outline are various speed lines to convey the sense of speed and elegance of the Acura NSX. The artwork features an unmodified first generation Acura NSX from a frontal view. This 3d model is printed in two colors using black and white filament.

It can be wall mounted or placed standing on a flat surface. The photo above shows it standing on a shelf, in front of a light colored wall to achieve a strong contrast between the wall and the artwork. The 3d printed artwork is composed of several layers that need to be printed, glued and assembled together. One of the layers requires a filament color change to occur during the print job.

3d printed artwork of a first generation Acura NSX displayed on a shelf and casting dramatic shadows on the wall.
Glue, assembly and filament color change required .

If your 3d printer only prints one color at a time, then you will have to swap out the filament manually during the printing process. If you are new to this, look for information on the slicer that you use for instructions on how to swap filaments during a print job. There are plenty of tutorials online to show you the way.

3d Printing Info

3D design format: STL

3D model size: 210mm x 210mm x 17.30mm

Resolution: .2mm

Supports Needed: No

Filament Color Change Needed: Yes

Glue & Assembly Needed: Yes

This 3D STL file can be purchased and downloaded from:

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