Young student building a 3D printer and handling electronics as part of STEM education

Genius level kid learning about 3D printers by building it and following directions in STEM class
Genius level kid learning about 3D printers by building it and following directions in STEM class This image was created by: Marlon Lopez MMG1design. Camera used is “Canon EOS 5D.” Lens used is “EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM.” Copyright Marlon Lopez MMG1design. All rights reserved.

A series of photos depicting a young, mixed raced girl undertaking the immersive experience of learning how build and understand how 3D printers work. The printer itself is shown during the build process, with parts still not assembled. All branding has been removed from the actual 3D printer to make it look as generic as possible and not promote any particular brand.

The student portrays a passion for STEM related education and also shows that she is focused, prepared, and hands-on. The overall composition of the photos are clean and uncluttered to focus the viewers attention on the main components being built in the foreground. The idea behind these shots was to demystify the building process that is involved in making a 3D printer from electronic parts and encourage students who wish to be engineers, creators, or problem solvers. This series of 3D printing photos will be perfectly suited to support a variety of STEM learning projects; where imagery of a child handling electronics is required.

White space is a fundamental parameter in graphic design, it helps give your design a clean and uncluttered feel.
More photos of Building a 3D printer series:

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