Writing and editing a business plan on a tablet or mobile device with printed documents

Stages of writing a business plan to meet business goals, printed document with pen and making edits on tablet or mobile device.
Stages of writing a business plan to meet business goals, printed document with pen and making edits on tablet or mobile device. This image was created by: Marlon Lopez MMG1design. Camera used is “Canon EOS 5D.” Lens used is “16.0-35.0 mm.” Copyright Marlon Lopez MMG1design. All rights reserved.

When you are in the process of writing a business plan, there are sure to be many edits during the various stages of production. These series of photographs deal with situations that you might encounter as you begin organizing and editing a business plan. The images show a business plan that is in the process of being finalized and presented through digital and printed media.

There are printed color samples of the business plan as well as bound booklets. The main focus of the photo is on the digital version, which presents a business plan being edited on a tablet or mobile phone. Another photo shows a business startup guide, also presented on a mobile device.

The overall aesthetic of the photos look highly polished and uncluttered. The printed documents have a strong bold statement that can be read even when the photo is scaled down to thumbnail size. All of the images include a writing pen to express the idea that the business plan is currently being worked on or reviewed.

More photos of writing and editing a business plan series:

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About This Graphic:
The photos shown in the post above, includes a raster version of my business planning vector art; displayed on the screen of the mobile device. It’s not an editable version, and is included to illustrate the business concept. If you need and editable EPS version of the graphic for use in your project, you can purchase the graphic at the link below.

Business Plan Folder, Loan Application Document
And Stack Of Money Vectors

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