Personalized DVD Jacket Design With Deeper Meaning


I designed all the panels of the DVD jacket to be consistent with the unveilus colors. The DVD case includes a personalized front, back, and inside panels. Each panel has a different image while the spine displays the couple’s names and date. The front cover is printed on  transparent sheet which has a translucent substrate insert to compliment its reflective aesthetic.

I was interested in exploring the intrinsic qualities of transparency. As designers we use transparency in photoshop all the time, but its quite a different design experience when you are working with real transparent materials. The effects of the material offers many options and design possibilities. Since you can see through the printed DVD jacket, I focused on having areas that reveal the contents on the interior, while at the same time having a cover image that reflects a sort of duality.


The sense of duality is represented by the black and white cover image and its opposite is  the color images found in the inside. I liked how the black and white images give it an artsy feel. Its actually more of an ephemeral feeling and conveys the fleeting moment that photographers work so hard to capture. However once you get past the black and white images and open the DVD case. The color images immediately seduce the eyes towards vibrancy. The photos that are chosen are also a part of this experience and I’ve been lucky that my clients let me choose which photos to use. In the end this project turn out to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly it allowed me to pursue an artistic challenge.


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