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In this write-up I will explain the logo design process I used with this client. My client commissioned me for a logo design for their Doctor’s house-call referral service. The first step was to find out the clients needs and decide on the scope of the work, this step is usually called a “design brief”. Once the proposal is accepted by the client, I moved on to the research part of the process. I began to research the industry, and to understand competitors with similar services in order to get a better idea of the uniqueness of my clients goals.

The third step is brainstorming & sketching concepts that aim at reflecting the ideas in step 1 and step 2. I find that in this step, it’s very important to stay focused on the clients goals. This is the foundation of everything else that will follow. If I can’t nail down good concepts in this step, it could result in additional redesigns in the creative process. This is when I take time to make decisions about how the logo will be formatted. I decide whether or not it will need an icon or simply a typographical treatment of the name. For this logo, the client wanted a logo that could be used as a symbol an also apart from the icon in typographical form.

The fourth step involves taking a few of the best sketches from the previous step and rendering them with precision. I chose three ideas that convey what the client and I had discussed in the design brief. I also tweaked the sketches and develop many variations that improved the original idea. At this stage, the artwork looked professional, but not polished and it was ready for the my client to see. The three design concepts I chose, were later presented to the client.

The fifth step, is the presentation of the design concepts. In this step, I made the logo designs available to the client online for their review. I provided information about the colors used, a bit of info on the typography and its relevance to the design. This project didn’t require a complete brand identity package, just a logo design. My client was impressed with the execution of the designs, and was aware that further down the design process, things get refined.

The sixth step involves the clients review and this is where, the client and I begin to decide on a preferred design direction. I was lucky to have a client that was savvy and with good design judgement, because we agreed on a design quickly and we continued to fine tune it. Following that design approval, we went back and forth doing revisions and using the logo in different applications. I presented the logo on a website, business card, stationary and marketing materials so that the client could judge its effectiveness as a brand.

Logo applied to various print designs and collateral material, including: business card, letterhead, folder and flyer.

The penultimate step was the clients approval of the refined logo design. This version of the logo had gone through many revisions and addressed a number of technical issues and methods of application within the given scope of the project. The clients approval encompasses all versions of the logo, including one color, two color, four color, small sized variants and different layout configurations. The final logo design distinguishes my clients brand and conveyed their overall message through the use of icons.

The final step is the delivery of all approved creatives. As agreed during the creative brief, the client received all the approved designs in digital format. Some of the files are editable while others are CMYK or Pantone print ready.

Sketching Out Mockups:

Early sketches that gave clients a fair idea of whether or not we were headed in the right direction.

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