Table Insert For Hitachi C10CFG – Miter Saw Replacement Part Hitachi 371729

If on accident you’ve damaged your Hitachi C10CFG table insert on multiple occasions… as I did, and can’t find the replacement part online. This 3d part fits the 10″ single bevel compound miter saw. You will need to use the original screws that came with the tool.

The next time you break it, just print out another one.

The 3d printed table Insert, fits right into place and doesn’t obstruct  any of the other parts. Print the file with supports turned on and facing down on the printer bed, to get a nice flat surface. Ensure that your 3d printing slicing software is setup to print dimensionally accurate prints.

On my Prusa software, I’ve set it to print “external perimeter first”. This setting has helped me print more accurate parts; even when switching between different filament brands and without fine tuning.

This is the original Hitachi 371729 insert plate.

The photo above shows one of my damaged table inserts where the blade made the plastic part really gnarly. Once the table insert plate is damaged, it’s pretty much useless and needs to be replaced, because you can’t lay your cutting material flat on the miter saw base.

More photos of the table insert for Hitachi C10CFG:

3D design format: STL

3D model size: 213.6mm x 72.84mm x 6.45mm

Resolution: .2mm

Supports Needed: Yes

This 3D STL file can be purchased and downloaded from:

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