Arcade Racer Button Box Companion To T300RS Steering Wheel, 3D Printed

The arcade racer button box companion to the T300RS with various combination of arcade buttons, volume control knob and a spst switch for the LED’s.

This button box was designed and 3d printed to fit the contours of the T300RS steering wheel. I chose to add arcade buttons for the games my kids play the most. These would be mostly arcade games like Daytona USA 2, Grid, Sega Rally, OutRun 2 and a few console racers like Gran Turismo 4. The arcade racing button box itself, is printed in Matte PLA which blends in nicely with the Thrustmaster steering wheel, but also because Matte PLA is just awesome.

Arcade buttons with 3d printed labels. F355 Challenge in the background and cool tunes playing on a phone using the musicbee app. Phone holder not included in STL.

I made the button box large enough to fit real arcade buttons. It was important to have these bulky buttons because nothing beats that old school tactile feeling. I have to admit that I hate touchscreens. Love robust clamshell designs like the GBA, or things with real keyboards like my old OQO. Anyway, I wanted to get as close to a real arcade cabinet experience as possible. That is a difficult task and it’s easy to end up with silly looking monstrosities. Being aware of that, I chose only the essential arcade buttons. Having dedicated buttons with proper labels has made a huge difference in gameplay. Also, the addition of LED’s for the buttons is crucial for late-night gaming sessions.

T300RS steering wheel with 3d printed arcade button box, mounted side-by-side.

There are a couple of advantages to the big buttons. For one, it feels arcade-like and robust, which means you don’t have to worry about smashing the button down. The other cool thing about it is that, after playing for a while, I can remember where the buttons and volume controls are located without having to look for them. When I compare the T300RS dinky little buttons for example, it just doesn’t feel quite right for arcade racers. It is so satisfying to smash the start button while playing F355 Challenge to turn off or on that cool DJ and radio commentator. Maybe I just like smashing things.

3d printed arcade button box, ready to play F355 Challenge. Phone holder not included with STL.

If you have worked with arcade buttons before, you will know that they can take up a lot of space in the inside space of any enclosure. Once I added all the buttons, wiring, 3 position terminal strip block and this case an Ipac-2 game controller, there is not much room left in the box’s interior. The Ipac-2 is definitely overkill for this project. Something smaller and cheaper would fit the bill. I went with this controller because I have plans to add more controls at a later time and also because I’m familiar with working with it from previous projects.

Designed with 3d printing in mind, to avoid excess supports or wasted filament.

The arcade racer button box was designed with 3d printing in mind. Many of the shapes are implemented in a way that will minimize using supports. All of the pieces are held together with small screws and nuts. You can take a look at the gallery images to see all the required hardware. The STL file also contains a solid front button plate (without button cutouts) so that it can be modified to suit your button needs.

More photos of the Arcade Racer Button Box:

3D design format: STL

3D model size: 222.93mm x 145.84mm x 106.65mm

Resolution: .30mm

Nozzle: .6

Supports Needed: No

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